A Regular User may rent a maximum of four bikes. In this case they should purchase 4 passes and will receive 4 cards. 

Mária Valéria Bike may only be used within the boundary of Esztergom and Sturovo City with County Rights.

If you have already registered in MVbike system, your registration is also valid on online surface of further bike sharing systems: BabiBike, EgerBringa, GyőrBike, KombiBike, PecsiKe, Vbike. The ticket or pass valid to use the MVbike system cannot be used with the mentioned bike sharing systems. In order to use the listed systems, a ticket or pass has to be purchased for the determined area of the system.

Mária Valéria Bike Card

The Mária Valéria Bike card is a plastic card with an unique identification that entitles the Card holder to rent a bike. A User may hold a maximum of 4 (four) cards.

To obtain a Mária Valéria Bike card, the User must conclude the Rental Contract, and purchase an annual, six-month or monthly pass and the card, as well as charge the Card with at least the minimum amount at the Card Sales Point or Central Customer Service Office, details of which are shown under the Terminal screen “Card Sales Points” menu and on the website. People under 14 are not entitled to conclude a Rental Contract.

Price of annual pass and card

To use Máriavaléribike card, Users must buy an annual or six-month pass to access the Mária Valéria Bike system.

Price of passes and card
Annual pass 20 6500
Six-month pass 12 4000
MOnthly pass 2,5 850
A Mária Valéria Bike card 2 600

Passes can be purchased together with the card or extension of validity of the card at Card Sales Points.

In addition a minimum 1000 HUF or 3 EUR must be charged to each card received. The balance charged on a pass or on a new pass purchased within one month after the expiry of a previous pass may be used during the validity of the pass. After a pass expires, the unused balance will be refunded to the User at Card Sales Points within the period of one month after expiry. The price of renting a Mária Valéria Bike is deducted from the amount of money charged on the card. If the User has a balance of zero or a negative balance, or the Mária Valéria Bike card expires, the User is no longer entitled to rent a Mária Valéria Bike. In this event the Docking Station gives a dashed beeping sound. When charging the Mária Valéria Bike card the negative balance must first be cleared and then a minimum 1000 HUF or 3 EUR must be charged. Charge the Mária Valéria Bike card at Card Sales Points and the Central Customer Service Office, on the website.


Rental price

The first half hour is free with a valid pass. ((ust the traditional bicycle)

After the first half hour (free) every half hour begun counts as rental and will be charged.

Rental price
Normal bike
First half hour free
Every half hour begun 0,5 200
Every half hour begun 0,5 200
minimum balance charging 3 1000

he maximum duration for rental per occasion is 10 hours. If the rented bike is not returned to one of the docking stations within 10 hours, we will report the bike as missing and look for it.

Rental with a Mária Valéria Bike card

The card allows you to rent a bike directly at any of the docking stations. Simply touch the card to the card reader on the docking station. Then the docking station will give a sound and flashing light and the bike lock which secures the bike opens. The light flashes for 20 seconds during which time you can remove the bike. If the bike is not removed within this time limit, the lock recloses. You have 2 minutes to check the technical state of the bike, then the rental fee counting starts. In the event you see any problems / faults with the bike (vandalism, puncture, something broken, etc.), you may return the bike to the docking station free of charge within the 2 minutes. You can report the faulty bike or docking station directly at the terminal.

What can I do at the Terminal with the Mária Valéria Bike card?

  • Request balance and transactions: You can request the current balance, see the period of validity of the card, data for the previous four journeys, the code of the bike rented.
  • Report a fault: If a docking station or bike is faulty you can report it here.