OTP Bank's information about bank card payment

Payment possibilities via our web site:

Mobile payment through the joint terminal server of OTP Bank and Cellum ZRt
» OTP Bank information on the OTPay mobile payment system
Apple iPhone or Android smart telephone will be necessary for using the system.
Online bank card payment through the OTP Bank Terminal server.

Otp logó

Clicking here you can download the OTP Bank information on the acceptance of cards via Internet in PDF file. When paying with a bank card, we will redirect you to the paying web site of OTP Bank (otpdirekt.hu), and the payment will take place, instead of the web sites of the T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. directly on the site operated by the Bank in
accordance with the rules and security regulations of international card companies. The T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. (as card acceptance point) does not have any data, number, expiry date of your card and the account behind it in any form and cannot get an insight in it.
For paying with bank card or credit card, please prepare your card!

You will need the following data:
1. Card number

13-19-digit number embossed or printed on the front of the card.

2. Expiry date

Number of mm/yy format embossed or printed on the front of the card.

3. Validation code
The last three digits of the number series found on the back of the card in the signature panel: CVV2, or CVC2. If your card does not include such a code, then please leave the relevant field blank on the paying site.

Bank card front

Bankkártya előlap

Bank card back   

Bankkártya hátlap


In our store, you can pay with the following card types:


Visa (embossed)


MasterCard (embossed)


American Express (embossed)

Ameriacan Express

VISA Electron and MasterCard Electronic (not embossed)

Visa electronMaster card electronic

For these cards, the issuing bank defines whether it allows using the card via the Internet. If the bank issuing your Electron card permits to use the card via the

Internet, then you can certainly pay with your card on our web store. For exact information, please contact the bank issuing your card. The cards issued by the OTP Bank are certainly acceptable.

Maestro (not embossed)


Via the on-line payment interface of OTP Bank, Maestro card issued by any bank is acceptable. The condition of acceptance is for the bank issuing your card also to support the use of Maestro cards for e-commerce transaction. Please consult with your bank!
In order to increase further the security of on-line card acceptance, the OTP Bank has introduced the Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code (VbV/MSC) service. The point of the service is that the bank issuing the card used for the payment provides an extra identification opportunity for the card holder which is checked during the transaction and clearly identifies the person using the card. If the VbV/MSC service is not accessible at the bank issuing your card or you did not
ask for it, the payment process will not change. The web store will redirect you to the web site of OTP, where you give the data of your card (card number, expiry date, validation code), and the counter value of the goods/services sold will be paid.
If your bank has the VbV/MSC service and you use it, then the process of payment transaction will change. You continue to give the data of your card (card number, expiry date, validation code) on the OTP Bank payment interface. Then the Bank will automatically redirect you to the relevant site of the bank issuing your card where you should perform the identification procedure. Following the successful identification, the payment transaction will be done; you will receive information
about the successful transaction and be directed back to the web store interface. If you cannot perform the identification, the transaction is closed without success.